I’m fascinated by the decision-making process that other people go through. And so while I don’t intend on changing the format of this podcast, I’m so grateful today for the opportunity I got to sit down with actress, producer, and author Candace Cameron Bure and ask her about some pivotal decisions in her life and career.

For years, we watched her play DJ Tanner on Full House, the second show in the TGIF lineup. Now my kids watch her in the same role on Fuller House on Netflix.

But in the time between the teenage DJ Tanner I remember and the grown up DJ Tanner they watch today, a lot has happened.

In fact, there were a lot of pivotal moments in Candace’s career that could have led to a lot of second guessing.

We’ll hear the answers together I’m so excited about it. We’ll also dive deep into a character trait that is not only helpful but vital for us to develop as we make our decisions — both the small decisions of everyday life, and the big ones that could change our life.

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