Today I’m continuing a series of conversations I’m haivng this month with people who I believe have a lot to teach us about the healthy, human rhythm of leaving rooms and finding new ones. As we celebrate the release of my new book, How to Walk into a Room, I wanted to have some dedicated conversations about the art of knowing when to stay and when to walk away.

Grace P. Cho is a Korean-American writer and Senior Acquisitions Editor at Revell, which is an imprint of Baker Publishing Group. Grace has authored and edited several (in)Courage bible studies and devotionals. And she’s most recently contributed to the book Voices of Lament: Reflections on Brokenness and Hope in a World Longing for Justice.

I’ve known Grace for many years and she is a kind and gracious presence for me, but she extends this beyond just her personal friends. She creates space for people to be known, nurtured, and challenged through her work and she desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Grace has said several goodbyes in the last year, but her experience is is a beautiful illustration of how not all goodbyes are sad. Her kind, generative presence and perspective on life and change is right on time. Listen in.


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