When I have a question, the first thing I want is an answer. Sometimes answers are fairly easy to come by – How do you make pizza? What should I wear today? Who can drive to piano practice?

But so often, the questions we have in life that give us trouble are the ones that aren’t so linear. In my experience, these usually have to do with things like faith, vocation, and relationships.

Today I want to tell you a story of a time in our life when not only did our questions not have answers, they actually seemed to birth more questions.

The story today is a personal one about a time in our lives when my husband John made a vocational transition. He was kind to let me share it with you and I’m glad because it fits in nicely with our theme for February where we’re talking about discerning our next right thing in relationships. And I’m also sharing it simply because I have a feeling you’ll find some of your own story here, too.

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