This is our last episode for 2017, but I have a brand new edition of The Quiet Collection especially for Christmas  available from now until December 12. (Once you purchase you’ll have lifetime access.) Click here to learn more about this 14 day audio devotional series.

There are two months out of the year where I become the most overwhelmed with decision fatigue – the first is May and the second is December. On top of the regular plans for Christmas, family gatherings, classroom parties, and other end-of-year plans, December also carries the burden of the beginning of January.

If you haven’t seen them yet, the Internet will soon be swimming with top ten lists and goal-setting posts and your instagram feed will be filled with ads for new planners and goal sheets.

And that’s just as you’re pulling out your Christmas decorations.

We’ll do that thing we do every year where we transition from – buy all the things for all the people! to De-clutter, clean out, get rid, and be a new you in the new year!

It happens every year, without fail. And while I know it’s not necessarily a bad thing, all this planning and activity, it can leave a person feeling tired, overcome with choices, and just wanting to fast forward to February.

So today, here at the beginning of December, let’s slow for just a few minutes. Let’s give ourselves permission to just be right here, in this moment, and remember why December is a sacred time of waiting, of listening, and anticipating with great hope.

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