Tonight our oldest twin tearfully refused a bath for fear that her “fingernails might come off”. They were freshly painted yesterday by her Nanny…I knew what she meant. You have to pick your battles. These days, it seems I’m losing the ones I pick but whatever. She’s asleep now…dirty hair; fingernails intact.

Now that they are all sleeping (husband included), I thought I’d take a moment and offer a few updates.

I talked with the bride. Turns out she’s a really gracious and forgiving person. Good thing. I guess I already knew that, but it’s still a relief to have talked with her and offer my appropriate apologies for my lack of…well, just for my lack. I’d post a photo from her wedding here, but I wasn’t there. So this is me. Moving on. Starting now.

The movie we were waiting for? Well, it came. They were scared of the Beast, but held out hope until he turned nice. And we had a real movie night (or day, really). It is so refreshing to watch something other than Dora. I was pleased to discover I remembered so many of the songs after 15 years or so. Two girls weren’t so pleased. I think “Shhhh, Mommy. We can’t hear” was the exact phrase. At least it’s in English.

And then there is my daily struggle with Good Mom. If only she would disappear into the archives like that blog post did. But she doesn’t. Instead she hovers, lingering in my days the same way the smell of a dirty diaper lingers in the room after it has been taken to the trashcan outside. She weaves her way into my thoughts and leaves me feeling helpless to ever becoming more like her. Turns out Good Mom may be a good mom, but she isn’t a very good friend.

I remember the words the Lord speaks to me, gentle and true. He brings life and hope and clarity.

And He doesn’t hover. I like that.