Last night we made fish tacos and talked about the day while slicing tomatoes and warming beans. It was a good day, a full day, a hard day in part. We ate together at the table like usual, making plans for summer.

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After dinner John took two to the pool while our first-born twin, stayed home by choice and loaded the dishwasher. I left the kitchen and played Chasing Cars on the piano. I’ve been playing a little every night after dinner, finding comfort in the simple melodies I know by heart and the easy chords my hands gravitate towards, mainly the key of C.

Yesterday was difficult for reasons I’m not sure. Everyday in a thousand ways we see pain and injustice in a broken world pushed around by fear. I see it in myself too, how fear bullies me into corners.

But we have many exciting, fun things on the horizon for our kids, our family, and for me. Still, it’s good to remember how fun and excitement can live in the same house as anxiety, and that beautiful parts of life don’t cancel out the hard ones.

It helped to process some of that through conversation with John as well as through music. Sometimes the wrestling that happens beneath skin and bone takes a heavier toll on the body than physical wrestling ever could. And music has the ability to travel through small spaces that conversation can’t quite reach.

As I sat in front of the keys the phrase came to my mind – at least tomorrow is Tuesday.

Weird, right? But Tuesday is the most ordinary day of the week and when you’re hanging on to the tension of excitement and sorrow, that can be a comfort. Tuesday gives me permission to be unremarkable.

Maybe this simple Tuesday perspective is beginning to take root.

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