Compared to real baseball fans, perhaps I’m not legit. I don’t have a team I root for, I’ve only ever been to one major league game, I’m not confident in all the baseball rules. But I love a baseball game.

I grew up going to minor league games with my dad. When we moved from Indiana to Iowa, we would watch the Quad City Angels play at a stadium right on the Mississippi River. Maybe that’s where the love started.

The Man and I went to a game the other night. I loved being outside and listening to the baseball sounds as the day and night switched places. As I ate my hotdog (with mustard), I thought about the built-in margin baseball has and I had a fleeting fear that maybe the world doesn’t have the patience for it anymore.

And so today I embrace this most favorite part of summer that encourages slowness and space. What are you embracing today?

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