Money really gets us chatting, doesn’t it?! I had to add a quick addendum post to part 4 of this series. Remember the sitters I interviewed are seniors in high school. They drive themselves to and from my house and can babysit late at night. When one of the sitters saw some of the comments about money, she wanted to add in that before she could drive, $7/hour was big time plenty.

I think we need to factor in the ease of not having to pick them up and take them home as well as the price of gas. And remember, they said $8 was the going rate. I think there may have been some confusion on that as well. I pay mine more than that, for what it’s worth. We have 3 young kids and we don’t go out that much anyway. I think it’s worth a lot and I want them to come back.

Lady Dorothy left a link in the comment section of the previous post for a rate calculator where you can type in your zip code and can get the rate for sitters in your area. For 3 kids in my zip code, evidently I’m to be paying $12.50/hour. I don’t pay that much and I don’t know anyone else who does either. I wonder what they use to calculate.

Oh, and I have to say I totally stole the above photo from The Nester because I’m too lazy to take my own. So thanks for the money shot, sister.

I hope you aren’t too sick of babysitting talk because I have one more installment coming tomorrow. So stay tuned…