Everyone has something to teach. We would do well to simply pay attention. I have spent the weekend with my friend Annie from Annie Blogs. And that girl? Has a lot to teach. She is brave, but not without fear. She is fun, but can dive to the depths of conversation on a dime. She has experienced things some people only dream of, and she has dreams she still wants to experience. She’s been with my family, my friends, my small group girls, and my fellow youth workers. In every situation, she was gracious, energetic, honest, loving, other-centered, and free.

The hurry slipped right out from within me while Annie was around. We talked of writing and fear, of loving high school girls and feeling like one, too. I didn’t wash a dish or do any laundry. But there was lots of soul-work going on, lots of visioneering and dream-stuff and rest.

Annie teaching some of our sophomore girls.

Spending time with people I enjoy, people who teach with more than words, is life-giving to me. I would love to be the same kind of friend, a person who teaches with more than words and offers soul-rest simply by being in the room. It is a gift we give to people, to co-create soul space with them and for them. Annie was that for me (and so many others) this weekend, and I’m so thankful for it.

Is there a person (or people) in your life who has a presence that offers peace? If so, or if you have another type of gift to consider today, I invite you to join us in celebrating. If you have questions, check out the information on my Tuesdays Unwrapped page. If you are reading in a reader, you may have to click over to see the links and I really hope you read at least a few. So happy here on my favorite day of the week. Join us?

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