Some kids you have to tell to do their homework. You may even have to remind them, sit with them, offer rewards. And other kids? You have to beg them to take a break, to learn to relax, not to worry so much about the spelling test.

I can’t help but think about those two kids when I think about yesterday’s post. Because some of us are seeking our art and searching after success with all of her intricate baggage, while others of us are hiding under the kitchen table, wanting to be brave but feeling safe while we’re invisible. There are cautions in either pursuit.

Because there is a difference between embracing the small places in the midst of success, and hiding out in small places out of fear of success. Our smallness is a reminder, not a cover up. It is a healing place of hope, not a hiding place of fear. We are not to hide in our small place, we are only to hide in Christ — and to go with him wherever he takes us.

The truth about humility is that it is simply seeing ourselves as God sees us: both no more . . . and no less. God writes the big stories. He writes stories about shepherds killing giants, about a baby born King, about young girls carrying the Hope of the world inside. He writes stories we wouldn’t dare dream up. And he writes in a part for us. But it’s all his idea, not ours. So the credit is his. And so is the risk.