Most art you make doesn’t look extraordinary. Instead, it looks like life. Bed tucking, room cleaning, budget balancing, yard raking, dinner making, regular life.


But I’m just tucking them in to bed, you say.

I’m just cleaning the room.

I’m just filing the papers.

I’m just balancing the checkbook.

I’m just driving the carpool. None of this feels sacred to you.

Did you see the killer there?

Pay attention to when  you use the word just. Because whatever comes after that word is usually where you’re allowing the art to die.

Resist the urge to disrespect a task because it doesn’t feel important.

“We must trust in God and surrender completely to Him. He will not deceive us. Never tire of doing even the smallest things for Him, because He isn’t impressed so much with the dimensions of our work as with the love in which it is done. And we should not be discouraged if we fail in the beginning. The practice would eventually cause our efforts to become a pleasurable habit that we would do without thinking.”

The Practice of the Presence of God

Yes, you tuck them into bed. But this regular movement you do at the end of every day? You create safety in this movement. You are making home for tiny people and it isn’t because you bought expensive curtains or put down those beautiful hardwood floors.

It’s because when the day is over, you move with her into her room, look into her dark eyes, and listen to what’s on her heart.

And so your bed tucking, room cleaning, budget balancing,  yard raking, dinner making, regular life is also your bridge building, freedom fighting, safety making, soul nourishing, gospel preaching, courage teaching, artful life.

There’s no such thing as just.

You are living art today.

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