Every Friday, my friend Lisa-Jo hosts a link up at her place. The rules are simple: set your timer for five minutes and write from the one-word prompt she gives. No editing. No over-thinking. Just write. It’s a great way to cure writer’s block. Or at least to loosen things. Today’s prompt is gracefulGo.

Sometime last week, I typed graceful into images on Google and waited to see what popped up. Mostly, it was dancers. Swans. A few other kinds of birds.

I have in mind my own definitions, not many of them having to do with dancing. At least, not anymore.

So what does it mean to live a graceful life?

After I typed graceful into images, I tried to think of the opposite. Graceless? Clumsy? I finally landed on stressful. So I typed it in.

Mostly, it’s cartoons with smoke coming out of their drawn-on ears. Cats with their hair sticking straight up. Women biting their laptops. People with their heads down, brows furrowed.

Is it possible to learn to err on the side of graceful in my soul? I’m learning what that means, what it feels like, and sounds like. I’ve done a lot of circling around this word. I’ve tripped over it, run from it, and finally, fallen into it. Maybe that’s the most graceful move of all.

What do you have to say about the word graceful in five minutes or less? Write it up and join Lisa-Jo.