It has been over eight months since Grace for the Good Girl was released. During that time, I have had giveaways, shared the writing process, showed you videos, pictures, excerpts, excitement, and fear. But one think I haven’t done is actually spend time talking through the book with you.

I know lots of you have already read it, but I also know some of you maybe haven’t. Or maybe you’re in the middle of it but don’t have anyone to talk with it about.

I wanted to throw this out there – would any of you be interested in going through the book together this summer? Not a Bible study, really. More a loosely organized book club. I like the idea of having a an on-going summer conversation around the truths in this book. If you like that idea too, what would be the easiest format for you? I’m thinking of just posting here at Chatting at the Sky for 8 Fridays in the summer, but then that doesn’t lend itself to a lot of conversation except in the comments.

I could post here and then make a Facebook page for all interested in joining and we could discuss over there. If you are interested in joining in, say so in the comments and tell me your ideas about format. At this point I’m open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you to those of you who read and left a review of Scary Hope last week! Reviews really do help books and authors. I’ll send 5 of you a copy of my own book as a thank you: Heidi, Brooke, Janna, and Caroline – I’ve sent you an email. Anna, I would love to send you a book as well – email me at emilyatchattingattheskydotcom. Thanks! PS. My sister is still in Africa with Compassion – continue to follow there trip through the end of the week!