I’m taking a quick break from the adventures in babysitting to let you all know that I am definitely not on vacation right now. And this is for sure not a photo of my family on the beach this morning. And there is no way that I wrote the previous two posts about babysitting before I left and had them publish automatically. Because, of course, I didn’t leave. Because I’m not on vacation.

That is why I’m posting. Because today is just a regular day, just like any other ‘ole day that I’m not at the beach eating my weight in ice cream and sea food. I haven’t been watching great movies with the man at night or swimming with the kids till my fingers get pruney. So to all you people who want to fork my house or put toilet paper in my trees while we’re on vacation, think again because we’re totally inside.

And we’re watching you.

(More things babysitters wish we knew coming tomorrow).