August is back again with her feather duster and her intentions to ready the house for the months to come. July still hangs around in the backyard with his hat pulled down low over lazy eyes, drink in hand, feet never seeing the inside of a shoe. But August is in the house now and she hasn’t stopped moving. She writes lists, makes plans, kneads bread.

August whispers things to come: trees changing, a book release, his first day of kindergarten. It will be a full fall, there’s not doubt about that. But we still have August and that means summer hasn’t left us yet. There is still time to consider what we most want this year to look like, what our longings are for our family, our friendships, our work.

Jesus asked a lot of questions to people he encountered. What do you want me to do for you? and What is it you seek? He knew the answers, but it seems he knew something they didn’t know about the importance of people getting in touch with their deepest desires. August is a nice time to consider those things we long for, no matter what they might be. Not because we will get them or even because they are necessary. But maybe we can learn something of ourselves when we are honest with ourselves before God.

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