As much as I have enjoyed the guest posters who have shared this space with me, I am so glad to be back. Thank you for supporting the guest- posting women, and thank you as well to those of you who have submitted your fine writing. It has been my pleasure to host you.

Sometime last week, this came in the mail. If you haven’t read this post about how I saw Mary DeMuth at She Speaks and didn’t get her to sign my book, you may not know the sigificance of this. But Mary read the post and offered to send me my very own signed copy of her memoir. And she didn’t only offer, she actually did it. I smiled all the way from the mailbox.

I have more to say, but ironically, I won’t be saying it here. I am guest posting over at Mary DeMuth’s site today and sharing about a thin place in my life. Join me there and tell Mary hello?

P.S. Now, I have two copies of Thin Places. Does anyone want my first copy? Leave a comment and I’ll draw a name and send it to you!