In honor of Memorial Day, I wanted to quickly pop in here to share a resource that might be just what you need today. I know this won’t apply to all, but if you or someone you know is a military wife, my dear friend Kristen wrote a free ebook just for you. Here’s a sneak peek:


“While no two military wives’ personal circumstances look identical, all military wives share common threads woven throughout this lifestyle. We battle frequent seasons of loneliness, fear, separations, and feelings of missing out. So whether a military wife has just walked down the aisle or driven through her tenth base, whether her husband has deployed a dozen times or not at all, I believe Serving You will speak to each woman in emotional, spiritual, and practical ways.”

Kristen Strong, Serving You

Visit Kristen’s blog to find out how to download your copy for free – and I hope you are able to enjoy this day no matter what life situation you currently face.