Most of my Halloweens have been spent in dark back rooms with shades pulled, vaguely lit by the blue glow of the TV. We didn’t trick-or-treat and we didn’t hand out candy. We didn’t celebrate Halloween. We hid, basically.

There was one year, however, when we were allowed to dress up. I don’t know why. Kids don’t question these things. I was a barbie. I had a mask with holes for eyes, nose and a tiny tease of a slit at the mouth, just big enough to stick your tongue through but not big enough to get it back out again. I remember having to choose between seeing or breathing because the one-size-fits-no-one mask was too big. I think it also came with a plastic apron “dress”. My sister tells me we fought over my mask that day, I think because the painted plastic hair was better somehow. I’m not sure why I won that fight. I probably cried. But I’m sure she will comment to this.

Last night I went to Target to get candy to give to the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood. Warning: there are indeed brightly colored Christmas ornaments displayed next to the ceramic pumpkins in the seasonal section. Just so you know. I happened to remember just before I left that the baby needs a toothbrush for his 6 teeth. So I bought 4 bags of candy and 2 toothbrushes. I thought it was funny and mentioned it to the cashier. She didn’t laugh. I also shopped for some earrings to wear to a wedding this weekend. I found the perfect ones and almost bought them…until I realized they were cuff links. Oh, well.

So yeah…we won’t be hiding out in the back room tonight. Its a good thing, since we don’t really have a back room. I think giving out candy will be a great way to continue to connect with some of our neighbors. And you know what Halloween means? It means tomorrow is November and I can officially listen to Christmas music.

I know, I’m worse than Target.