Shauna Niequist recently wrote a post called Anti-Frantic and I wanted to both cheer and take a nap after reading it. I had a similar post on my mind but when I read hers I was so grateful she already wrote it so now I don’t have to figure out how to write it myself.

“It doesn’t matter if you work or don’t, have little kids or don’t, or travel or don’t.  So many of us, it seems, are really tired of the hustle, and the next right thing is to slow down, to go back to the beginning, to stop. I’m adopting a ruthless anti-frantic policy. I’m done with frantic. The new baseline for me: will saying yes to this require me to live in a frantic way?”

So go read Shauna if you are ready to give up frantic. Giving up frantic for me this week means saying yes only to my immediate family and my manuscript edits. I am a woman in a cave until Friday. Tumbleweed rolls through my email inbox and my twitter feed. I am abandoning all forms of writing until I finish these edits.

Starting right after this blog post.

Now, I leave you with a before and after shot of my kitchen table yesterday – before starting work and after.


writing at the kitchen tableForgive the orange tint. My kitchen doesn’t photograph well. Today will look the very same. I can’t wait until this book releases. I’m tired of feeling alone in it and am ready to share it with you. Today I’m working on edits for the last two chapters – one is called Wonder and the other is Create. I can’t wait to tell you more.

Have you been feeling frantic lately?