Since the blog re-design, I have been lazy about updating the pages at the top. But I have finally started working on adding back some of my favorite links. (An update on ‘the books’ and a new ‘about’ page are in the works).

I know that I tend to find my favorite blogs from the blogs of my other favorite blogs. On my last post, I mentioned how my blog is pretty much un-Googleable. And many of you mentioned how yours is as well. That means the only way for you to connect with each other is through each other. It isn’t finished yet, but you can find some of my favorite blog writers, photographers, home bloggers, mamas and truth tellers under ‘featured’ at the top of this page. I wanted a place where I could put events that were coming up as well as other blogs I love. Featured was the word we came up with for that. Let me know if you have any better ideas.