There is a week between Christmas and the new year for the following reason: to give us time to clear the house of all things Christmas and prepare for spring. Right? Am I the only one who is ready for warm weather by December 26th? I am practically pulling out the spring clothes. Except for the fact that I never put them away because I am just not that organized. What good is winter without Christmas?

So I do things like this. I put shells in a jar with the starfish that was living in my Christmas garland just yesterday. And I display it as a reminder of good things to come.
Each December I panic at least once, worried that I’m not savoring the season completely enough. I anticipate the after-Christmas-letdown. I think that is a left-over fear from childhood. Because as an adult, I love after-Christmas. I love taking down the decorations and clearing out the extra stuff. I love the fresh and the new that comes with January. I always forget how ready I am for the future by the time it arrives.
Generally at years end, I look back and reflect and pour over sentiment of what the past year has held. But this time I am ready for 2009 and what it will bring. I am looking forward with excitement and anticipation. I’m throwing open the blinds and letting the sunlight of a new day pour in around me. There are things on the horizon of this new year only beginning to dawn in my heart. I look forward to sharing them with you.

In the meantime, I’m off to look for my flip flops.