Y’all sure do like yourself some money. I am loving your responses to my bribe. Thanks for updating my address in your sidebars. And keep at it. I’ll choose a random name on Friday to win that gift card.

A follow up post about cabinet painting is ready and waiting in the wings. But I just can’t bring myself to publish it today. Because today, I’m thinking of those new morning mercies of which I am in desperate need.


This past weekend, The Man and I spent time at Sunset Beach with friends and I can’t explain to you what that cool, salty air did for my soul. But today, in the middle of unfinished and disappointment and dirty dishes, the beach seems a long way off.


I am reminded of my desperate need, of the Hope I have, of the power made perfect in weakness. I am trusting that the jagged, uneven stones of failure and brokeness fit together and line the often avoided path to freedom. sunset-beach-grass

The Lord is overflowing with unfailing compassion. And there is a sweet, secret place where I can meet Him, not to achieve but to simply receive. So I do, then He does, and those mercies are new.