After so many years of spending time on Hilton Head Island for our vacation, you might think I would tire of taking photos of the same things. But every year, I see things a little differently through that lens of mine. That’s the beauty of rest and creation. When you mix the two together, your eyes see better.

I had some time to stop and chat at the sky while on vacation. As much as I love our hometown with all the green and leafy trees, sometimes I miss not being able to get a good look look at the wide open sky.

There is something about being able to take in the whole thing at once that leads to a deeper understanding of who God is and the wonder of my small place in his big story.

Sometimes the view from the ground is more interesting if, instead of looking straight ahead, you simply look up.

And even though we gathered to watch the man show with all its pop and bang and razzle dazzle…

…the God show was much more impressive.