Because I’ve been writing so much lately, I have had to put other job/hobby things on hold for a while. But this weekend, a couple of girls in our youth group and I traipsed around town to capture the days of their friendship before one goes off to college and the other moves with her family to Atlanta.

Aside from writing (my first hobby/job love), flitting about town with a couple of girls and my camera is one of my most favorite things to do. I spent nearly three hours with them, a lot longer than I usually take. But with each click and laugh and freeze frame, I discovered again my love for photography. I still have so much to learn about it all, but I’m not looking to make a living of it. Even if I never learn any more than I know right now, I think I’ll be happy. Life can be so lovely through the lens of my camera. I’m sure I’ll have to share more from this photo shoot with you because these two are ever so cute.

And to those of you who mentioned you are willing to guest post, a heartfelt thank you. I will contact you with more details in the days to come.