I’ve been thinking a lot about home lately and about why I enjoy being home so much and what things cause me to enjoy it more than others. There are those days when I want to be anywhere BUT home. Stressful days. Sick days. Whiny days. But even on those days, I’ve discovered one of the things that makes those days just a little bit better.

Wanna know what that is?

It’s if I have dinner planned. I know it’s small. But really, it isn’t. Because meals are such a tangible way to care for and love my family. And spending time in the kitchen is so much more enjoyable when I’ve thought through why I’m there.

Enter my friend Kendra. She is has been married for 5 years, bears a strong resemblance to Martina McBride and is just generally fabulous. She loves to be home. More than that, she loves to make her home. And a lot of that making happens in her kitchen.

So guess what she did? She started a business. It’s called My First Kitchen and she teaches people how to cook. Whether you are a young bride, an empty nester or even a MAN, she has a little something for everyone. And she does it all from her own kitchen. She’s for real too…licensed and everything.

I figure a girl has to cook. Why not be good at it? Why not make it fun? Why not take a cooking class?

So I took a class with Kendra on how to make your own pizza. And then I did make my own pizza with my girls and it worked. It actually worked. So I took another class with Kendra on items to make for a brunch. Here is the blueberry scone with lemon glaze that our class made together.There was more than one scone, just to be clear. But this is the one that I ate. And it was divine.

Even more than the really great food we made (and ate), I am drawn to my friend because she took her love of home and food and all things cooking and she is building something that wasn’t there before. (Is anyone else singing Beauty and the Beast right now?) When I asked her how she learned to cook, she said by watching lots of cooking shows, reading lots of recipes and by making (and eating) lots of mistakes. Nothing like eating your mistakes to force you into some skill. And fast.

Now don’t try to lie. If I know you like I think I do, when you saw the title of this post you thought I was going to post photos of my kitchen. That will come. I will also bet you’re wondering how much Kendra really does look like Martina McBride.

So go ahead. Check her out.