We made it back from Nashville and I feel like I can’t continue posting normal until I tell you at least a little about our trip. It was lovely, and there was art. But I’m sure you’re not surprised about that.

Basically, Blissdom is a conference for people (mostly women) who share their business, life, heart, passion and/or art online through blogging. There are workshops about writing, monetizing, social media, criticism and lots more. This is my attempt to show you a bit without being excessive. And to say that because we’ve been talking about art around here lately, I couldn’t help but see the art in everything as I went through the weekend.

The art of being there :: When someone goes through something tragic, it is impossible to know what to say or how to be around them. There is a crazy voice that says we should be able to do something, but there is also a God voice that says to simply love. When we lean into the God voice, out comes art every time. It was simply a joy to be with Edie – to laugh and to cry and to simply be around.

The art of vulnerability :: One of the keynote speakers was Brene Brown, and she talked a lot about the beauty of wholeheartedness and the art of vulnerability. In a beautiful representation of that, my friend Ari read a post during one of the panel sessions that she wrote last year after she lost her daughter, Mabel. It demonstrated this art so beautifully. When we share our painful stories, it dislodges the fear a bit.

The art of loving :: He came with me on this trip because he had some business to do in Nashville. And so after a full day of laughing and chatting and connecting with women and eating chocolate, I got to come back to our room and there he was, and I was home.

The art of laughter :: We live all over the country and there are still some of the (in)courage writers I haven’t met in real life yet. But these girls are mothers, friends, sisters, daughters, and talented artists. And they know how to laugh. And love. And embrace their uniqueness. (Pictured here: Lisa-Jo, Holley, Jessica, Angie, and Jen).

taken by @GailHyatt and her iPhone

The art of Connecting :: We sat on the floor with our plates scattered about, and we talked about writing an dreams and fear. ShannanMelissa, and Gail Hyatt were lovely and inspiring, and all the things you might imagine. This was one of my favorite moments of the weekend.

The art of being free :: The conference couldn’t have ended more perfectly. A secret flashmob erupted at the end of the keynote, and my sister and I and 90 others got to be a part of it. There is an art to trusting the process, to letting go, to being free. Below is a video so you can see how it all went down. This one isn’t the entire dance, but it gives a good picture for the emotion of it all. And that’s where the art comes in – not because of our mad skillz, but because of the heart. You’ll see. It was my favorite.

And if you’re dying to see more, here’s a link to an unedited version.