These are the cinnamon rolls I made this morning with Alisa. I am considering it to be a trial run, as my mom and sister and I are planning to make them just before Christmas. Of course, I will be 15 pounds heavier by then, as this recipe makes 8 tins of rolls. While they were cooking, I took a few photos for some friends’ Christmas card.
I think that was a good one. Then I headed over to my sister-in-laws house for her birthday. She’s married to my husbands’ brother. Here they are in Spain on their wedding day 4 years ago.
The Man’s mom and sister and I helped her decorate her house for Christmas. She mentioned she was so glad we enjoy decorating, because she certainly doesn’t. I asked her what brings her joy to the same extent. And in her thick, Spanish accent, she answered me, “Studying. I love to study.” I suppose that’s why she’s the university professor with 2 masters degrees and I’m the one with the cute house. And I guess when you love to study and don’t care about decorating, then you also don’t care when your husband builds a putting green in your backyard. Don’t believe me?
There it is, baby. Green in all its glory. But back to my day. The girls had fun with their cousin, as always.
Then later, when we came home, we had carolers. We’ve never had carolers….some freshmen girls from the youth group. And it was great, albeit a bit strange to have people singing to me on my porch. But great. And they left these behind.
And, unfortunately, they’re gonna be ON my behind. Along with 8 tins of cinnamon rolls. At least Santa will have some company.