We made it home from Hilton Head…my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and my kids. It was girls only this week. Well, except for the baby, but he doesn’t really count as a guy yet. Besides, he still has that pink paci and he spent more than a few hours in a princess pull up. To sum up the week, we pretty much ate too much chocolate, watched lots of chick flicks and bought way too many shoes. It was perfect.

Here is one last thought I wanted to share with you from the island.
Attention men and women of the world with hairstyles…come here and they will give you Harbour Town. For your hairstyle. Ain’t that nice of them? I think it ought to be Hairstyles for Your Hilton Head.

Anyway, so we’re home. Except it feels a bit less like home than it did when we left because there is a For Sale sign in the yard now. I felt kind of guilty when I saw it. I know. I’m a freak. It’s just that I love this house. And she’s kind of become like, the 6th member of our family. And we have fancied, polished and dressed her all up just to show her off and sell her to the highest bidder. And soon, we’re going to leave her and I don’t know if the next people will love her as much as we have. And that makes me sad. And now you see how deep my issues really go.

We had lots of showings while we were out of town. And I can tell people have touched my stuff. And it smells different. But it’s still clean, which is a perk. We are getting more excited about our new house…our 45 year old new house.

I think I’m ready to talk about it. Stay tuned.