Something is seriously wrong with me.

Context: my mother in law has been bitten by the de-clutter bug and, against her better judgment (as well as that of my father-in-law) has decided to have a yard sale. And when she has a yard sale, she really rolls out the red carpet (albeit stained and slightly faded). There are lamps. There are desks. There are more place mats than any human would need in lifetime. And the books….oh, the many books she has to sell! And though he is ever the voice of reason and frowns upon having “strangers in the driveway, looking through windows and rummaging through stuff”, my father-in-law always comes through in the end and makes awesome signs to guide the masses, leading them to the junk mecca of the Triad.

But she couldn’t do it alone. She needed help to place, to price, to collect money, to clean up afterward. And being the loving and willing daughter-in-law, I offered to be at her disposal for the better part of the weekend. So it would seem that I would be able to keep my focus, to show up to help, to be available. But I am more than just a loving and willing daughter-in-law.

I am an addict.

It is not possible for me to show up empty handed at this open air market, this antique road show, this carport store with multiple tables filled with trash and treasures. And so I prepare to load up my car yet again, with bins filled with outgrown clothes and worn out knick knacks…items I could have sold in any one of the previous 3 sales I’ve recently been a part of, but for whatever reason, haven’t declared themselves as useless to me until now.

But it isn’t just the $48 I will most likely earn. It is the excitement of waking up while it is still dark, of sipping hot coffee in the brisk November morning, of hanging out with my mom and sister-in-law and watching as people haul away our junk for us while we get paid. Granted, the amount we make will never compensate for the number of hours we put in to this small production. But add to that the thrill of the sell and the satisfaction of knowing my attic is a little less bulging and I think I come out on top.

Even so, this is the last yard sale I will ever have. Absolutely, never, ever again. It’s not worth it.

(Sale is this Saturday! Please come! You won’t be sorry! It will be so worth it!)