Rest of mind and heart is still on my mind. As I’ve peeked in on a few other friends this week, it is on their minds as well. Amber from The Run-a-Muck wrote on finding quietness of spirit earlier this week.

Most of the time I don’t ask for much more than survival. Give me this day my breath, my brushed teeth, my potty break in silence. I’ve been rolling out of  bed with my spirit gasping for time, for relationship, and for an affirmative in the presence of God. Read more…

The following is a comment Melissa of The Inspired Room left on Amber’s post and I had to share it here. Read and be reminded. I can’t hear this enough:

Those days of the little ones seem never ending, until you look back and in a blink of an eye they are over! so many things i thought i needed to accomplish back then, but in hindsight none were really important. fixing the meals, wiping their faces and kissing their cheeks and falling on my face before the Lord each day is about all i should have expected of myself and all God ever expected of me.

And so you don’t think that all I do online is stalk Amber and her comments, I ran across this useful post several weeks ago. Simple Mom wrote on  Productivity and Quality Downtime, allowing yourself to have ‘nothing’ time. I realized as I read it that I typically have either get-it-done time or guilty-that-I’m-not-getting-it-done time. She offers a balanced perspective.

Finally, Kimba is continuing her series today on Building A Soft Place To Land. She approaches this idea of rest and balance as it relates to blogging and is moderating a big fat bloggy conversation about it in her comments section.

We  need to hear this stuff. We just do. And I don’t care if you are a home schooling mother of eight or a single girl with a full time job. Rest is important. Quiet is important. Reflection is important. Balance is important. And doing all of that in the presence of One who loves us with an everlasting love just because we’re His and not because we’re perfect? That, my sweet friends, is rest indeed.