I’ve been meaning to do a post about our painted cabinets. If you checked out my guest post over at Nesting Place yesterday, you got a good partial glimpse. I wanted to wait until the cabinets are all the way done before I did a full fledged ‘after’ post. But they just aren’t done yet.


Case in point? The above photo is of the knobs we are going to put on our cabinets. They are lined up neatly on the countertop but have yet to be installed because I am two parts lazy and one part scared of the drill. I’ll get there. And, just so you know? These knobs? Anthropologie has them for $8.00 each.

Did Emily buy those? No, she did not. Because Hobby Lobby had them, too. And they were half off. Two Dollars each, people. Two little dollars. I great-big-red-heart Hobby Lobby. But you already knew that.

So maybe soon-like I will finish them up and post some after photos.  If you are itching to see some housey stuff until then, here are a few links of some other rooms of the house we have redone.

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