As I said yesterday, my fall decor is pretty lame. I lack confidence in the decorating department. What can I say, I have The Nester as a sister. Who can live up to that? Still, looking at all your homes on Kimba’s Mr. Linky has encouraged me to share in the fun anyway. After all, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, right?
Take this festively decked out door, for example. I am so creative. And beginning with that will make everything else look better.
The beautiful thing about these mums with no pots is that they were really cheap at the farmers market: only two dollars.
Another cheap, potless mum. Pots are so much trouble. See? Lame.
Here are the things on my sideboard in my dining room. I found these sticks and acorns in our yard and stuck them in these jars. If I were to zoom out, you would notice that my mirror is not hung on the wall yet and one of my sideboard lamps is missing a light bulb. So I couldn’t zoom out. You understand.
That’s about the extent of it, folks. My fall isn’t even very fall-y. It looks a bit more like spring in this photo. I get a little more brave at Christmas. Can’t wait to cover that banister with garland.