More Conference

I was in Charlotte this weekend for the More conference I told you about last week. Or maybe it was two weeks ago. I can’t keep track, what with all these kids of mine going off to kindergarten.

emily and nester

My sister and I did one of the breakout sessions where we talked about how to turn the house you have right now into the house you’ve always wanted. I promise I’m not singing there. I know it looks like I am. I’m still kind of amazed that people let me have a microphone. But microphones and I have been getting to know each other better lately. Did you know if you write ‘microphone’ enough, it starts to feel like you maybe might have made the whole word up?

Seriously, the real reason people came to the conference was because of Lysa Terkeurst. Clearly.

Lysa TerKeurst

She is fantastic with the microphone. So fantastic, in fact, that she wears one of those special Secret Service microphones. See it all camouflaged up there by her cute face? It was skin colored and everything. If you ever have a chance to hear Lysa tell her story, microphone or no microphone, I highly recommend it. Really hard stuff + honesty + brokenness + Jesus = a powerful story of new life bursting forth from painful death. I just love that girl.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things here at home. Especially on Tuesdays. I have missed unwrapping Tuesdays with you. Let’s start it again. Join me next week, September 8 with a grateful heart as you take time to notice the gifts in the midst of the ordinary. I can’t wait.