I am coming off a weekend of total over commitment on my part. I’m trying to keep this Monday from being a fall-apart Monday since I’ve done enough of that over the past few days. To counteract the crazy, I give you the epitome of relaxation, calm and innocence:


The Dimpled Baby Hands. I do not normally associate calm and relaxation with babies because I’VE HAD THREE OF THEM, but this one is not mine (A) and was sleeping (B) so that makes it relaxing and calm to look at. And you know how I feel about dimpled baby hands.


Considering my crazy state as of late, I couldn’t be happier to announce that after nearly a month of Mister Linky not working for me, Tuesdays Unwrapped will officially be back up this week. As in, tomorrow. Finding the gifts in the midst of the messy, the lovely and the unexpected seems to come much easier when I have someone to share it with. I look forward to celebrating the little things with you.

giveaway day

Also, The Nester is hosting a Giveaway Day today where she will be offering a different giveaway nearly every hour. You heard that right. I can hear the flapping and chirping of all those crazy birds from here. I can’t win anything because I’m the sister and that just wouldn’t be right. Right? All the more chance for you. Fly on over to her place and enter, enter, enter! As of now, there have already been four terribly wonderful giveaways and I’m not at all huffy about the fact that I’m related. Maybe I could enter under a fake name?