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  • The Breath and the Clay – Winston Salem, NC (listen to full keynote on the Makers + Mystics Podcast Episode __)
  • Tribe Conference – Nashville, TN
  • Faith & Culture – Portland, OR
  • Renovare Retreat – The Cove, Asheville, NC
  • MomCon Conference 2016 Breakout Session – Kansas City
  • Re:Write Conference “How to Write Like An Artist” – Austin, TX (view full keynote below)



The Art of Your Work and The Surprising Truth About What God Really Wants From Us (Feb. 2014) // Reflections for The High Calling
The Writing Life (Nov. 2013) // Author Spotlight with Suzanne Woods Fisher

Three Ways to Know You Have a Message to Share (Nov/Dec 2013 Issue) // Southern Writers Magazine
What if You Really Lived Like Your Life Was Your Art? (Oct. 2013) // on Ann Voskamp’s blog
One Way to Uncover Your Calling (Oct. 2013) // on Lysa TerKeurst’s blog
The Greatest Gift We Can Give to the Next Generation (Sept. 2012) // More to Life Magazine
Are you an Open Minister or an Opinion Manager? (May 2012) // for Ed Stetzer’s LifeWay Research Blog
Living Uncaged (Feb. 2012) // for Mary DeMuth’s blog
How Being a Good Girl Affects Our Parenting Style (Nov. 2011) // ParentLife Online
Five Tips for Bloggers Seeking Traditional Publication (Nov/Dec 2011 Issue) Southern Writers Magazine
Four Things Love Never Does (September 2014) //
Hope For Your Soul When You Feel Small (August 2015) // for Ann Voskamp
In Praise of the Slow Processors (August 2015) // for Tsh Oxenreider’s The Art of Simple
How to Clear Your Mind Without Leaving Your Sofa  (August 2015)// for Claire Diaz Ortiz
Is Your Soul Being Held Hostage by Hustle (August 2015)// for Proverbs 31 Ministries
How To Sit In the Midst of Ordinary Time (September 2015) // for GraceTable
Simply Tuesday: An Interview with Author Emily P Freeman Part I (September 2015) // for Vyrso
Seeking God In the Small Moments An Interview With Author Emily P Freeman Part II (September 2015 // for Vyrso
Embrace the Smallness of Tuesday (August 2015)// for HOPE for Women Magazine
Less Hustle More Heart (August 2015) // for Spirit 105.3
How To Live In the Small Moments of A Fast Moving World (October 2015)
An Invitation to Small Moment Living (FALL 2015) // for Conversation Journal
Create Room For Your Soul To Breathe Trust Me Your Marriage Needs It (March 2016) // Today’s Christian Woman
Simplicity Series: Emily P. Freeman (September 2016) // Emily Ley
Books To Help You Relax (April 2017) // Jocelyn Kelley for POPSUGAR

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