Dear lady in front of me in line at Target,

I’m sorry I stuck my tongue out at you behind your back. It’s just that when my child was screaming Mommy, I want that big hairband! over and over at the top of her lungs and you glanced down at her with a blank expression, I interpreted it as a hey- loud- and-obnoxious- little-girl-stop-screaming-and-acting-so-spoiled-and-let-me-shop-in -peace-and-why-can’t-you-get-her-under-control-you-bad-mom-you glance.

But then when we walked out of the store and you stopped me in the parking lot and told me how beautiful my kids were and gently said to my daughter “Your mommy is doing the best she can” well, I started to feel bad. Really bad.

So, I’m sorry for turning your innocent glance into an evil one. Next time I will be careful not to project thoughts onto others that are, in fact, my own. Thank you for offering your support to a stranger in the Target parking lot. And for not turning around when I was leaning aggressively toward you with my tongue aimed at the back of your head.