We took this photo last night as the sun went down. It isn’t always possible to watch the sun set over water on the east coast. But Hilton Head Island is shaped in just the right way so that the sun goes down on the right and comes up again to your left. Always water. Always beautiful.

I stood next to Ann as I took this photo, and I barely heard as she whispered Look at all the creativity out here on this beach. This is the third time I’ve been here in as many months and every time is Lowcountry spun magic. I do love this place.

There are just under 30 of us here on the island this week. DaySpring and Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce are hosting the (in)courage bloggers for a long weekend of dreaming, praying, and planning for the (in)courage community. We’re also managing to squeeze in a few laughs and a couple of handfuls of really great food. And tonight at midnight EST, (in)courage has a fun surprise to share with all of you.

I wrote about the superpower every girl has over at (in)courage today — it’s a superpower we all have but don’t always use. But oh, if we would. We could change the world.