Welcome to day 1 of 31 Days of Living Art – or more simply named: Made For This. Because you are and so am I. If you want to follow the entire series, you can find each new post listed daily here.

31 days of living art

I have this crazy idea that every one of us is an artist.

That doesn’t mean art will look the same coming out of you as it does coming out of me. If that were so, then we’d be robots. But we were made by design to move around in the world more like artists than technicians and I think that matters.

If you are human, there is something intrinsically creative within you.

God didn’t nail us together from bones on an assembly line and match up all our parts, the next one fashioned the same as the one before.

In the beginning, God manufactured?


In the beginning, God created.

God is not a technician

Art came first. Not our ideas about it or our definitions of it. Not the museum kind or the art school kind or the hipster kids with their glasses and guitars.

Just art, the kind God makes.

And when he made man and woman in his image, he gave the gift of co-creation to us.

Art is our heritage, our birthright.

I’m not an artist, you might say, I’m a banker. A teacher. A trash collector.

You may not be an artist by profession. But you are an artist by design.

Maybe you know this and have been living it for years. Maybe you hope for this but doubt its validity in your heart. Maybe this is the first time you’ve ever thought of things this way at all.

You are art and you make art.

So what does that mean? What does that look like? Why does it matter?

Let’s spend the next 30 days finding out.

Made for This 100 x 100This is the first post in a series, Made for This: 31 Days of Living Art. You can click here to see a list of all the posts, updated everyday in the month of October.

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