I just can’t stop thinking about Edie. As most of you may know by now, her family lost their home to a fire last week just before Christmas. They are all safe, even the dog. But their house and everything in it is gone. My sister posted a beautiful tribute to Edie’s home and family – and as I watched, the tears came immediately. I know so many of you feel the same way.

And we all want to do something to help, to offer a hand, to be shoulders and arms of support – the body of Christ at work. But there are other things I think of, things of the heart and the psyche. What is it to lose the place where your family felt most safe? How do you shake the violation that may be trying to insert himself, now that the immediate danger has passed? What do you do with the temptation to believe that perhaps there is no place safe in the world?

Edie didn’t ask to be a role model and I’m sure she wouldn’t have chosen this way to show her faith – but she is. And she is. She believes, even though. She has faith, even though. And I’m certain when she named her blog, she knew not the impact her Life in Grace would truly have.

And so I keep thinking about Edie. I’m praying for her family, not just for them to be able to replace their beautiful things in the coming months, but to be surrounded with a supernatural sense of protection, of safety, of love, and of grace. May the Lord wrap them up with arms of Peace and Redemption. May Fear run wimpy and small to the hills and Joy pick up her bright pink skirts and twirl around in their midst.