A few years ago while working as a sign language interpreter at a local high school, I became friends with a math teacher whose name was Amanda. She was from England and had this spectacular accent that prompted students and teachers alike to constantly ask her to speak for us. She got a lot of Have you ever met the Queen? and Is Prince William as big a deal over there as he is over here? and stuff like that.

Sissy from Painting Love was Amanda’s roommate, as we all worked at this high school together. When Amanda moved back to England, Sissy went to visit. And one of the things on their agenda was to visit Stonehenge, as Sissy had never been. Neither had Amanda.

I remember thinking What? You live in England and you’ve never been to Stonehenge? And it was strange to me that someone would live so close to something so cool and never go.

I unpacked my china today. It was wrapped in newspaper dating back to May of 2005. It has been boxed up since then. As I opened it, I thought about this post written by my sister a few days ago. So today, I unpacked it and threw away the box.

Because as strange as it is to me to live in England and not see Stonehenge, it is even worse to have nice china and keep it in a box. I know there are tons of other things like this that are right at my fingertips but I forget to notice them. Forget to enjoy them. I want to decide to notice, to purpose to look for the little stonehenges not yet visited that exist for me in my everyday life.