Loretta has cancer. She is now stage IV. She commented on yesterdays post that she regrets not taking more family photos with her daughter when she was healthy and well. In her own words:

Don’t let the years go by, thinking you’ll wait until you lose a few pounds or get less busy. Let someone else hold the camera sometimes and get in the shots with your kids and spouse. It’s definitely worth it!

Wisdom pouring out from suffering. I know she was just talking about photos. But doesn’t that wisdom apply to so much in life? Don’t wait to live. It can be scary to live in the moment, to trust God with our now.

Hannah Whittal Smith says it is easier to trust God with the keeping of our future than it is to commit to Him our present. The future is obviously out of my control, out there and ambiguous. But my present? It’s right here in my hands. It is tempting to think that because we can see the present, we can master it. Wisdom says otherwise. Unwrap it, yes. Enjoy it, yes. Plan, sure. But my attempts to control or manipulate this present moment have many times kept me from living it.

All that to say, the comments are my favorite part of this blog. They can get ugly when Anonymous shows up, but for the most part I am blessed and encouraged on a daily basis by the words and insight you all share. So thank you. Now go hug your mom.