When you share your work with the world, you never know how someone is going to respond to it. That’s both the gift and burden of being an artist. (Same goes for being a person, but that’s another post).

One morning last week I had a realization that came as a result of a piece of artwork. It was a realization that I’m not sure the artist intended, but it’s one I think she would be pleased to know.

About six weeks ago, I’m scrolling through instagram and see an announcement from Lindsay Letters that she’s having a great sale on her abstract canvases.

Peppermint Moss Lindsay Letters

Now listen — I’ve admired Linsday’s work from a far distance for years (years, I tell you). She has a printshop, a canvas shop, and even a real live brick and mortar shop now! She also did the hand lettering on the cover of my sister’s book and other books we know and love.

She makes beautiful things I like and admire and I’ve had my eye on her canvases for a while now. But I had never bought one.


Well I’m sharing why on (in)courage today – Break This Habit, Change Your Life. (You have to click to read it – I know! So annoying!) It’s one of those posts where, when I was finished writing it, I cried because, well. You’ll just see.

I hope you’ll join me there.