graceful for young women

To celebrate the release of my new book for teen girls, Graceful, I’ve invited some of my favorite writers to write a letter to their teenage self. If you would like to join in, write your own letter on your blog and link it up at the bottom of my September 14 post. Details below.

examples of letters written so far:

Allison Vesterfelt’s Letter

Amber Haines’ Letter

Ann Voskamp’s Letter

Annie Downs’ Letter

Dawn Camp’s Letter

Gary Morland’s Letter (My Dad)

Holley Gerth’s Letter

Jeff Goins’ Letter

Jen Schmidt’s Letter

Kat’s Letter (Inspired to Action)

Kristen Strong’s Letter

Mary DeMuth’s Letter

Rhett Smith’s Letter

Shannan Martin’s Letter

Stephen Martin’s Letter

The Nester’s Letter (My sister)

Stacey Thacker’s  Letter

Tsh Oxenreider’s Letter

My letter

 Why write a letter?

This younger generation is all around us, but sometimes we forget the types of things they are thinking and walking through. I wanted a way to encourage my peers to remember what it was like to be sixteen again. Maybe writing a letter to ourselves will help us to see the people who are sixteen still. And maybe be moved with compassion on their behalf.

How to write your own letter