At the end of each month I like to share a few things I’ve learned. Sometimes it’s educational and informative but usually not.

Usually I’ve discovered a quirk I didn’t know I had or a fascinating-to-me celebrity connection. It’s a mishmash of ordinary life stuff, things that may go unnoticed if I didn’t decide to write them down.

Last month I decided to invite you all to share what you learned in June as well – and it was so much fun I decided to ask you to join me every month! You can do that at the bottom of this post.

what I learned JulyHere are 12 things I learned in July in no particular order:

1. I officially do not like key lime pie. I’ve always known this, but then my brilliant chef/cook/baker/genius friend Kendra made one this month and I thought if I ever liked one, it would be hers. John loved it. So did everyone. To me, it tasted like dish soap mixed with metal. And don’t even email me and say your grandmother has the best recipe ever. It isn’t the recipe. It’s the pie. It is perhaps the most vile of all desserts, definitely of all the pies.

2. Camping is not my favorite. 

3. Songs I hate are redeemable. For example, I once thought Sunglasses at Night was beyond help, but then I heard Lennon and Maisy sing it and my hope was renewed. What a beautiful song! (They are sisters. They are young. They will take your breath away). It would be cool to try to challenge them with a song like the theme from Dora the Explorer just to see if they really are as magical as I think they are.

4. Speaking of theme songs, the Downton Abbey theme song has lyrics. What?

5. If you lose your little tiny silver remote for your Apple TV you can download a free app called “remote” and control your TV with your iPhone. And you will feel all futuristic-y and awesome.

6. I don’t like Coke in a can. And when I say Coke, I mean any kind of soda. The can gets too cold and the Coke is too sharp. I always knew this about myself on some level, but I only this month realized it for real when I was thirsty and turned down the can because I didn’t have a glass of ice to pour it into.  And so I stayed thirsty. Who does that?

7. In July, I learned to love my hips. I was in Marshall’s trying on a Maxi skirt, staring in the mirror at the predictable way it clung to my hips. I didn’t buy the skirt but the hips are mine for free. So I decided unceremoniously in that moment to stop hating them so much. And a few hours later I decided to go all the way and just plan to love them. Why not? We’ll see if this lesson sticks.


8. Bracelets drive me nuts. I think it’s leftover from my days of sign language interpreting. Rings, on the other hand? Yes. I love me a ring. I cannot pass rings at a store without trying at least one on. Fake diamonds? Yes. Huge, clunky costume-y? Yes. I don’t  go all Pheobe Buffay and wear one on every finger, but I understand the logic. I don’t remember where I read it, but when Lisa Kudrow was asked what she kept (if anything) from the set of Friends, she said the rings. A moment of silence falls over my heart as I nod in understanding. Amen.

9. July made it official. Kate Middleton wins. Obviously.

10. Speaking of news, we got rid of cable this month and I learned our digital antennae does not pick up NBC. I miss The Today Show and I didn’t even watch it that often. I miss knowing I can watch it if I want to. Goodbye Matt. Goodbye Al. Goodbye hearing what’s happening in my neck of the woods.

11. Hulu Plus is awesome.

12. It is possible for me to keep an entire Stitch Fix box. It happened this month – I liked everything in the box and kept the whole ding-a-ling thing. You can read my newest Stitch Fix Review here.

Now it’s your turn. I’ll keep this linky open for about a week so you have plenty of time to join in. I hope you’ll link up to your post and share what you learned in July!

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