It’s that time again – time to share all the things we learned in November!  Remember, this is a place to share all kinds of learning, both the silly and the serious. I lean toward sharing the silly since I tend to share the serious every other day. But any kind of learning is welcome.

What We Learned November

Here are five things I learned in November in no particular order:

1. How to make a yarn tassel with just my hand and a pair of scissors. The girls and I have been winding up yarn all month!

2. Siri and I have a lot in common. See her response to a recent request below (also just now I spelled “request” as “requestion” so clearly I understand her state of mind. But now that I think about it, “requestion” is a great word.)



3. Who Will Gardner looks like. For weeks I’ve been watching The Good Wife on Netflix. And for weeks I’ve been trying to figure out who Will Gardner looks like. He’s familiar! He’s relation! Who is it…?

will gardner and grandma morlandIt’s my Grandmother. Will Gardner looks like the grown up, modern day, male version of my grandmother. Now I can sleep at night.

4. Daniel Stern, the actor who played the tall bad guy on Home Alone also did the narration for The Wonder Years. And clearly his voice was super important for the show, as illustrated by this 45 second video below where his voice is taken out:

5. Grace for the Good Girl hit the Wall Street Journal Best Seller list! This was definitely one of the most surprising and fun things I learned in November. Now I have something legitimately in common with Amy Poehler, George W. Bush, Brooke Shields and Bill O’Reilly!

Grace for the Good Girl Wall Street Journal Best Seller

Thank you for downloading and buying the book so that this message can land in the hands and hearts of even more women who need it.