It’s the end of the month, and that means it’s time to share what we’ve learned! Remember, this is a place to share all kinds of learning, both the silly and the serious. I lean toward sharing the silly since I tend to share the serious every other day. But any and all learning is welcome.

What We Learned - Chatting at the Sky

Here are 5 things I learned in March in no particular order:

1. The Wizard of Oz makes everything better.


2. Monopoly. We played for the first time as a family the other day and I realize I’ve never played Monopoly right in my whole life. Myquillyn and I would play as kids but we were so happy to have money that we never bought properties, just moved around the board collecting $200 and saving our money. Watching my own kids, I see why. Pastel money! Mine!

But John plays like, for real. So it was fun. But also math. And thinking. And John bought hotels a lot. So it was kind of deflating. And a little boring. And maddening. And also there’s a jail and you have to pay rent and taxes. So really, Monopoloy is a little too much like life to be fun.

3. If you ask Siri “What planes are flying over my head?” she will give you a list of planes that can possibly be seen in the sky from where you’re standing: the name of the airplane, the flight number, and the altitude. (Thank you for this life-changing discovery, Francie!)

4. If Joy the Baker and Scarlett Johansson had a baby, it would be Shakira.

Joy plus Scarlett equals Shakira

This is what I do.

Once (many years ago) a barista at a Starbucks in Nashville mistook (mistook?) me for Jennifer Love Hewitt. She even gave me a free coffee just incase I really was her and was lying about it. A free venti coffee.

J + E = Coffee

So the other day, I had several deadlines looming so naturally I thought it was a great time to download My Heritage app and find out which celebrity I’m looking like these days. I took a quick selfie and waited for my results.

This is exactly what happened.

carlos santana

Hmmm…that can’t be right. Let me try that again.

sugar ray leonard

Wait a minute now. Actually, this one is oddly accurate.

Maybe if I take another selfie. I’ll tilt my head this time.

ivan pavlove

All The Thoughts.

5. In March, I learned to stay away from the free apps and forthelove do your work, woman. Or should I say, man?

Now it’s your turn!