In my head, we have at best only made it through the first week of July. But it’s actually the last day of July and you know what that means.

If you’re new around here, that means it’s time to share what we learned this month. This is a regular practice we engage in together, as we are learning the value of looking back before moving forward. I’ll leave the linky up open for several days so you have time to join. For tips, check out how I keep track of what I’m learning.what we learned in July

Here are 6 things I learned in July:

1. The Women’s World Cup final was the most-watched soccer game in US History.

My daughter explains why, after watching the first four minutes:

Let's Share What We Learned in July2. DSLRs have built-in WiFi now and everyone is moving to the moon. 

How did I miss this? I bought my big camera back in 2007 when we still used horses and buggies to go to market. Seriously, my camera can’t even take video, much less talk to the Internet.

3. NBC is bringing back Heroes!

It’s in the form of a 13-episode mini-series as well as the addition of ZACHARY LEVI. Stop the world – no, save the world! Heroes Reborn on September 24th, everyone.

4. The Pocket App is saving my online life.

I’m loving this simple app for so many reasons. Where before I would have 15 tabs open on my desktop for things I wanted to read “later” now I just drop them in my pocket and have them all in one place. Plus, it’s the closest thing to how my brain actually works – TV! Jesus! Salad! Hair!

The Pocket App

5. Instagram on the computer is the best.

Why should phones have all the fun? This month I’ve enjoyed looking at your feeds on my actual computer, especially the photos in the #itssimplytuesday stream because it’s my favorite.

what we learned in July

6. Sometimes the best way to launch something is before you’re ready.

With the release of my fourth book, I wanted to be able to offer a free resource to help introduce the concepts in the book that would also add practical value for you, the reader, in your everyday life.

We decided a free, four-day video series would fit the bill and spent months coming up with the concept, writing the scripts, planning the simplest way to offer them to you, and then actually filming it all.

video series

video series

Once we had everything loaded, the page ready, and the emails set to go, I was planning to test everything once, twice, or two thousand times before we made them live. But then my launch team manager found the page early and shared it with my team and they started to share it before I had a chance to test it thoroughly.

After a brief moment of panic, I realized no one had died and I was actually relieved that it was out and people were finally engaging with the work we have spent so much time preparing. And I’m happy with how they turned out!

You can watch the first video right here (email readers may need to click here to see).

Ignore where it says to sign up here on this page. Instead, to see the rest of the videos, visit and sign up there. It’s easy.  I hope you do. I hope these simple practices help you create a little space for your soul to breathe.