This month I’ve learned a lot of things about rest, listening, and what it looks like for me to create space for my soul to breathe. But for me, those things need to be worked out in posts of their own. So today, on the almost-last-day-of-December, I bring you 10 less important but hopefully still interesting things I learned this month:

1. The smell of rosemary makes me feel sad. I tried that your-house-will-smell-like-Williams-Sonoma trick I learned on Pinterest, where you simmer rosemary and lemon and vanilla and some other what-nots in water on your stove. But a few minutes in and I had to throw it out and scrub the inside of my nostrils with peppermint.

2. The smell of bay leaves, lemon, orange peel, cloves, and cinnamon makes me feel happy. I had to redeem the first round. This one was delightful.

simmer on the stove

3. My smeller is apparently strongly connected to my feeler.

4. When walking through a store that plays music, I work hard to try not to walk to the beat. It is my grown up rebellion, I suppose.

5. I enjoy the lovey Christmas movies on Netflix. They are fantastically cheesy and highly predictable. “Love at the Christmas Table” with Winnie Cooper I mean Danika McKeller was my favorite. I already regret telling you this. You could watch the whole movie or you could just watch the trailer and you’ve pretty much seen it.

6. My kids know where I hide the Christmas gifts.

7. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas was introduced by Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis.

8. Netflix does not have Meet Me in St. Louis available to stream. Womp.

9. Songs have power similar to smell. They can take me back something fierce. Since June when I learned Jewel is a Kilcher, I’ve been paying more attention to her because Alaska. I listened to Foolish Games the other day and I was suddenly 19 and pining and craving swiss cake rolls and soothing my angst with Jewel like you do. Girl can sing.

10. Finally, this month I’ve remembered how important it is for me to write even when it gets hard. Margaret Feinburg is sharing an interview we did up on her blog today and reading my answers, I remembered how hard writing can be but also how thankful I am that I get to do it. It isn’t exactly something I’ve learned this month, but it’s something I’ve remembered – the importance of practicing what I already know to be true.

Now it’s your turn.

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