top o the morning

Happy Tuesday, friends! I love this sunny morning photo of our son walking to school a few days ago. And it also makes me want to sing “top of the morning to you, ‘disa! You smoothie me ice cold pizza” all day because doesn’t it? Mandisa? Toby Mac anyone?

Well it’s Tuesday so it seems only fitting that my second round of edits for Simply Tuesday are due today. I made it through the first round with Andrea, my editor. She’s the first one to read the words once they’re finished and helps to clean it up so it makes actual sense. She will say big picture type of things like this whole chapter doesn’t make sense or this isn’t anything like what we talked about eight months ago.

simply tuesday edits

Thankfully this time, she didn’t say either one of those things, but we had that first round of am-I-on-the-right-track-with-this-concept-and-narrative-arc edits in January. Once she approved those, the manuscript moved on to the brilliant editors who have the great task of making sure I don’t insult the entire English-speaking world  by telling me “Emily, it’s not relate with it’s relate to.” 

What?! I always say relate with and also that’s one not-so- great thing about blogging is I don’t have an editor to read every blog post and tell me how to use my words right so I’ve developed some terrible habits.

Of course since I have this huge deadline this week, I’m doing things like writing a blog post about edits, rearranged my mantel, and watched John hang shelves. If you’re like me and have a lot of work to do but keep only talking about the work instead of finishing the work, let’s take our cues from Amy, shall we?

“You lean over the computer and stretch and pace. You write and then cook something and write some more. You put your hand on your heart and feel it beating and decide if what you wrote feels true. You do it because the doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing. This is what I know.”

Amy Poehler, Yes Please

Editing isn’t nearly as fun as writing (notice how I call writing “fun” only because I’m not technically writing today), but the same rules apply. Doing is the thing. So let’s do the thing, shall we? (I’m talking to myself here).

Except one last thing.

I have started to sift through all of your responses to the Reader Survey you took last week and once I twirl my hair for a while and clean out my closets and count the fibers in my carpet and finally turn these edits in, I can’t wait to read your responses to one question in particular:

“If you and I could hang out for a day, what would you want to do or talk about?”

If you didn’t get a chance to fill out the survey before it closed but want to answer that question in the comments, I’d love to hear.

P.S. To those of you who tried to read the words on my computer screen in the photo above, I love you. You are my people. Amen.

So what are you putting off today? What would we talk about if we could hang out this afternoon instead of doing our work?