Today, on the day Graceful is officially official, I discover I have no words. I am small and thankful. Last year at this very time when Grace for the Good Girl released, I was terrified. Shaky. Hiding under tables.

This year, I feel free. Full. Dare I even say excited?

I do dare. I am excited.

Look at that, the girl’s growing up.

And yes, I did make my book pose in the garden for this picture. I also cropped the photo close enough to make it look like this is actually a garden. See how that works?

I also made her pose with the dog.

I hate myself a little bit for that, if you’re wondering. But I refuse to care today.

a flyer for your youth pastor

If you would like to tell your youth pastor or your daughter’s small group leader about Graceful, I’ve tried to make it easy for you. We’ve made a flyer you can access from the book page and either send the link or print it out and hand it to them the old fashioned way. Here is a tiny version of that flyer:

I don’t expect you to be able to read that small print. It’s, you know, bigger on the real thing.

So that’s one thing we’ve been working on.

But we have more things.

We have a video that will release, maybe even later today.

(Did you hear me say that thing that was very exciting? I know.)

We have some fun little happy things on 5×7 cards.

We have some ideas for you to join in on reflecting over your own high school days.

And of course, there’s that small group leader guide that I finally finished but isn’t quite ready yet.

And there will be giveaways.

But for today, I want to say thank you for reading and praying and supporting. And thanks for loving young girls. And for those of you who can, thanks for buying the book today. This week is gonna be fun.